Aldi has the PERFECT bottle of bubbly for the party season

13th Sep 17 | Lifestyle

Calling all prosecco lovers!

Last week we told you about this giant glass that could hold an entire bottle of Prosecco and now we have even more good news for prosecco lovers.

Supermarket chain Aldi have announced that they are launching a giant bottle of Prosecco just in time for the party season.

The supermarket will stock a jeroboam of prosecco which holds three litres or the equivalent of four normal bottles of the sparkling stuff, making it the perfect showstopper for get togethers with your friends over the festive season.

And it costs just £39.99 across the pond.

Set to hit UK stores on November 14th, the jeroboam seems to confirm our love for prosecco is as strong as ever.

We have no confirmation on the price of the product in Irish stores just yet or when it is due to land in stores but we're sure it'll fly off the shelves.

As always though folks, do remember to drink responsibly.