Emmerdale star teases HUGE plot twist

13th Sep 17 | Entertainment News

“I guarantee, it’s not what anyone is thinking.”

Emmerdale actor Mark Jordan has teased a huge plot twist for his character Daz Spencer.

After being found living on the streets by his brother’s wife Kerry, Daz returned to the Dales to get back on his feet.

But it looks like Daz is hiding a big secret after Amelia found a knife under his pillow and it looks like the mystery behind the knife is soon to be uncovered.

Speaking to OK! Online, Mark said that no one could predict the secret that Daz is hiding.

He said:  “It definitely brings a change of energy within the household, it has to,”

“I really would suggest that in this moment in time, the slow build up to that point is just as important to the reveal because there’s so much openess that Daz is trying to offer up to everyone that I’m not sure that anyone will it coming.”

“The household will look at Daz in a different way after this. It begs the question of why he needs that knife, which is something that you’ll find out why.”

“That knife is important to Daz and I guarantee, it’s not what anyone is thinking."

“It’s a lovely little moment that obviously changes people’s perceptions towards Daz. I’d be interested to see how the viewers take it.”

“Dan in a pickle because he’s not sure about his brother. I’m sure Daz’s reveal is going to change some of the attitudes that are already in play within the family. It’s that and how it will affect from here on in which will change.”

We guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out what Daz is hiding.

Emmerdale continues on TV3 at 7pm tomorrow night or catch up on 3Player now.