Unlucky in love? This could be the TV show for you...

19th Sep 17 | Entertainment News

Having trouble getting over a breakup? Heartbreak Hotel is offering you the chance to hit the reset button...

Are you being held back by heartbreak? Is your past dictating your future? Are you stuck in a rut? Does your world seem populated by lots of happy couples... and then there's you?

Well then, this brand new show could be the one for you. 

Heartbreak Hotel is a brand new show from TV3 that is promising to help people struggling to move on from a break up.

If chosen, you'll be taken to a fancy retreat where expert coaching and a plan tailored to your break up story will help you start making the move from surviving to thriving. What more could you want?!

Fancy hitting the reset button with a trip to Heartbreak Hotel? If you're interested - or happen to know someone that might be - you can apply for the show here